The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2013 July 28 th September 29 th
GOLDEN HARVEST (S4x32) 3s & 4s start on opposite sides   John Drewry  The Reel (London) 1979  1- 2 1s cross down RH as 4s cross up RH, 1M+4L & 1L+4M cross LH out through sidelines  3- 4 1s cast off to 4 th  place as 4s cast up to 1 st  place   5- 8 4s & 1s ½ turn RH into promenade hold facing centre of dance (2s & 3s step up/down), 4s+1s pass RSh    9-12 1s+2L & 4s+3L dance RH across 13-16 1s+2M & 4s+3M dance LH across 17-20 1s & 4s take promenade hold again, 1s+2s & 4s+3s dance ½ RSh reel of 3 across, 1s & 4s change partners (as in Bees of Maggieknockater) 21-24 1L+4M dance ½ LSh reel of 3 across with 2s (finishing on men’s side) as 1M+4L dance ½ LSh reel of 3 across with 3s (finishing on Ladies’ side)  2 4(1)(3) 25-28 4s & 1s turn BH to face down/up, 4s+1s set 29-30 2s & 3s dance in and touch NH, facing down/up while 1L+4M & 1M+4L NHJ dance out to face out on sides 31-32 2M+4M & 1M+3M turn RH as 2L+4L & 1L+3L turn LH  2 4(1)(3)
Devised by John Drewry for London Branch’s Golden Jubilee and published in “The Reel” No.150 November 1979. There is a recording by The Frank Reid Scottish Dance Band on the London 75th Anniversary CD. John Drewry had changeable views on whether to have two chords at the start of a dance where couples needed to begin on opposite sides. For this dance he chose only one chord.