The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2013 August 11 th
FRENCH FROLICS (J5x32)     Martin Sheffield (2007)  1- 4 1s & 5s dance down/up between 2s/4s, separate and cast back to places  5- 8 All turn partner 1¼ RH and retain hold …..  9-12 All join LH with next person (ocean wave/balance), set & cross LH to opposite sides, except 1M & 5L who cast into centre to face each other up/down 13-16 1M & 5L stand & clap, as the others dance LH across (top and bottom) 17-20 1M dance ½ LSh reel of 3 with ‘couple’ in 1 st  place, as 5L dances likewise with bottom ‘couple’ 21-24 1M Top man dance ½ LSh reel of 3 with ‘couple’ in 2 nd  place, as 5L dances likewise with ‘couple’ in 4 th  place 25-28 1M+5L pass RH to finish at opposite ends 29-32 At both ends (quickly) dance 5H round to left (just over once round), to finish in sidelines opposite a new partner (not the same person as in bars 17-24), ready to start again (5L ends at top - other Ladies move down, 1M ends at bottom – other Men move up i.e. Ladies rise to the top whilst Men sink to the bottom as in Caddam Wood!) Notes to help .... maybe: Bar 12: Retain LH hold with this person (next-in-line partner) to get into LH across Bar 16: Finish on sidelines opposite this person but have an eye for the next person on again who will be your new partner for the next repeat! Bars 17-24: 1M & 5L dance towards their opposite sides for both these half reels. Bars 29-32: 5L be aware of the man on your right, 1M be aware of the lady on your left - they are about to be your new partner. Everyone try to line up in new positions at the end of bar 32 - a bit like musical chairs!