The Sunday Class
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2012 January 8 th March 11 th March 25 th
Fergus McIvor and Waverley were main characters in Walter Scott’s novel ‘Waverley’ set during the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745. This dance has no connection with the Waverley Fugues, a book of 12 Scottish Country Dances for Demonstrations, by Hugh Foss, of which Fugal Fergus is the first.
FERGUS McIVER or WAVERLEY (J8x48)  Button & Whittaker (1812)  RSCDS Book 15  1- 8 1L followed by 2L +3L cross & dance down behind 1+2+3M cross & dance back to places  9-16 1M+2M+3M repeat dancing round behind Ladies back to place 17-24 1M+2M also 1L+2L, set to each other & change places RH, set & change back LH 25-32 1s+2s dance Poussette, 1s end BtoB in centre facing own sides for Double Triangles 33-40 1s dance Double Triangles & end side by side facing out on Ladies side between 2L+3L 41-48 1s lead out between 2L+3L, cast L up & M down, meet in middle & lead out between 2M+3M, 1s cast as before & end in 2 nd  place own sides