The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2017 July 16 th
THE FENTHAM JIG  (J8x32) Gillian Jennings  Birmingham Platinum (2016)  1- 8 1s   set   to   2s   on   side   &   change   places   (Men   RH,   Ladies   LH),   1s+3s   set on sides & turn once round (Men LH, Ladies RH), 1s face out  2 1 3   9-16 1s   dance   Fig   of   8   on   sides,   1M   dancing   down   behind   3M,   1L   up   behind 2L to start. 1s pass RSh to face 1 st  corners 17-24 1s   turn   1 st    corners   RH,   pass   RSh,   turn   2 nd    corner   RH,   pass   RSh   to   end 1M facing 3M, 1L facing 2L (corners dance 4 bars in turns) 25-32 RSh   reels   of   3   across   (6   bars)   &   1s   cross   RH   (bars   31-32)   with   1M polite turn to face down
George   Fentham   was   born   in   1630   in   Hampton-in-Arden.   He   became   a   successful   businessman   in   the   developing city   of   Birmingham.   He   had   a   keen   sense   of   social   responsibility   and   a   clear   awareness   of   the   poverty   that existed   around   him.   He   drew   up   his   will   in   1690   and   when   he   died   in   1698,   in   his   will   he   left   money   to   “relieve and   comfort   the   honest,   deserving   and   industrious   poor”,   but   not   “the   idle   and   vitious”.   As   well   as   the   George Fentham   Trust   (which   was   established   in   Hampton   when   he   died),   he   had   already   established   the   (unconnected) George Fentham Birmingham Charity, and the total value of his legacies today is around £15 million. Fentham   Hall   in   Hampton-in-Arden   is   managed   by   the   trustees   of   his   charity   and   is   a   favourite   venues   for   Scottish dances as it has a sprung floor and great views over the Warwickshire countryside.