The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2014 May 11th
THE ENGINE ROOM  (R8x32)  Ron Wallace+Gary Thomas  San Andreas Collection  1- 2 1s+2s+3s set  3- 8 1s+2s+3s dance reflection reels of 3 on sides (1s in & down to start)  9-16 1s dance DoSiDo, 1s, dancing in to begin, cast off & cross RH 17-20 1s dance RSh round 1st corners & turn right about (end 1L facing up to 2s, 1M facing down) while 1st corners dance DoSiDo 21-24 1s dance ½ Double Triangles 25-28 1s dance RSh round 2nd corners & turn right about to end facing opposite sides, while 2nd corners dance DoSiDo 29-32 1s dance ½ Double Triangles ending 2nd place own sides
Muriel Johnstone wrote the tune and has recorded it, with Keith Smith, on Todlen Hame & Other Favourite  Dances CD.
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