The Sunday Class
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EMMETT'S CHASE  (R8x32) John Brenchley   1- 8  1L set, cast off one place, dance ½ fig of 8 round 3rd couple (RSh to 3M), finish in centre facing down just below 2nd place, whilst 1M stands for 2 bars, set, cross the set and cast off to finish in centre facing down behind 1L   9-12  1s dance LH across with 3L, end facing 2M with 1L in front of 1M 13-16  1s in tandem dance ½ diag. reel of 3 with 2M and 3L (1st corners) starting with RSh to 2M 17-20  1s dance RH across with 3M, end facing 2L with 1L in front of 1M 21-24  1s in tandem dance ½ diag. reel of 3 with 2L and 3M (2nd corners) starting with LSh to 2L, end 1L between 2s (in 3rd place) and 1M between 3s (in 2nd place) all facing in lines of 3 across 25-28  All set in lines of three across, then (dropping hands and using two more setting steps), all pivot round on the spot (RSh back) 1s to face partner and 2s+3s to face clockwise round the set 29-32  1s turn 1¼ RH to finish in 2nd place on opposite sides while 2s+3s chase clockwise ½ way Repeat from 2nd place with 1M starting and dancing the track previously danced by 1L
This dance was devised for Audrey and Robin Emmett on the occasion of their 50th birthdays - March 2010. The instructions for this dance are included in the booklet of Marian Anderson’s CD ‘The Other Kangaroo Paw’.
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