The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on:
2011 October 23 rd
David Queen (son of Alex T. Queen who devised Angus MacLeod) is a member of Scottish Measure, a composer and has devised many dances himself including Burnieboozle and The Bridgewater Geordie. The recommended tune is Calum’s Road by Donald Shaw, the accordionist in Capercaillie. It commemorates Calum MacLeod of Raasay who, when the local council refused to build a road to his croft, hand-built the two- mile road himself, taking ten years to complete it.
THE DAVID QUEEN STRATHSPEY (S3x32) Angela Bulteel (2008)  Ribble Valley Book  1- 8 1s & 3s ¾ turn 2H & set passing partner LSh, 1M & 3L cast right to other end as 1L+2s+3M circle 4H to left & end 3L facing 1L also 3M facing 1M  9-12 3s+1s turn 2H & set passing partner LSh 13-16 3M & 1L dance out ends & cast right to other end (3s/1s end facing own partner up/own middle) as 3L+2s+1M circle 4H to left 17-20 3s & 1s ¾ turn RH to face down/up & all set 21-24 3s turning inwards dance out to 1st place while 2s dance in & down to 3rd place as 1s cast up to 2nd place & ¾ turn LH to face up/down 25-32 1s dance RH across (1M with 3s at top, 1L with 2s) 1s ending 2nd place opposite sides, 1s turn 2H 1½ times to 2 nd  place own sides 3 1 2