The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2014 May 11 th 2015 May 17 th June 7 th
CHASING THE WILD GOOSE  (J5/7/9x32)  Malcolm Brown   1- 4 2s & 4s (= all even numbered couples) set advancing & Bal-in-Line   5- 8 2s & 4s (= all even numbered couples) ½ turn RH & Balance-in-Line  9-16 2L+1s,   2M+3s+4L   &   4M+5s   dance   LH   across,   2s   &   4s   pass   LSh   into   RH across with other couples & end passing LSh to face own sides (BtoB) 17-20 All   set   (as    Double Triangles),   2s   &   4s   change   places   RH   with   person   on right   while   others set 21-24 All   set   (as    Double   Triangles),   centre   dancers   change   places   LH   with person   on   left    while    others   set   &   all   end   on   own   sides   facing   new partners in order 2M 4M 1M 5M 3M & 3L 1L 5L 2L 4L 25-32 Top 2 couples  also bottom 2 couples dance R&L
A fun dance for any odd number of couples. Three Squared on The Sunday Class Dance Book 1 CD by Marian Anderson’s Scottish Dance Band is a 9x32 bar jig!