The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2014 Oct 26 th Dec 14 th 2015 Feb 1 st Feb 15 th Mar 1 st Mar 22 nd 2016 Mar 13 th Apr 4 th
CHASING THE ECLIPSE  (S3x32)  Sandy Gallamore  Highland Road Collection   1- 8 1s   set,   dance   down   below   3s,   cast   up   to   2 nd    place   &   cross   to   face   1 st   corners  9-16 2s+1s+3s dance reels of 3 on sides, 1s pass 1 st  corners RSh to start 17-24 1s   set   to   1 st    corners,   1s   Gypsy   Turn   RSh   to   face   2 nd    corner,   repeat with 2 nd  corner to finish 2 nd  place own side facing out 25-32 All   dance   Chaperoned   Chain   Progression   (as   per   Linnea’s   Strathspey)     3 1 2
Devised   for   Mike   and   Eilean   Yates,   formerly   of   Shelby,   North   Carolina   in   February   2013.   The   Yates'   have   been pillars   of   dancing   in   the   Carolinas   for   decades   and   also   involved   in   the   dancing   at   the   Loch   Norman   Highland Games almost since the beginning. Beyond dancing, Mike's passion for viewing solar eclipses has taken them all over the world. Sandy   devised   this   dance   during   the   final   weeks   of   Mike's   life,   with   the   hope   that   the   dance   would   also   travel the   world   in   Mike's   memory.   To   this   end,   Sandy   taught   the   dance   at   TAC   Summer   School   2014   in   Greeley, Colorado, and encouraged everyone to take it home with them.