The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2017 June 4 th July 16 th
CELEBRATION AT HIGHAM  (S8x32) Robert Smith & friends  Higham Hall Anniversary  1- 8 1s+2s dance an Espagnole, to finish 1s facing 1 st  corners   9-12 1s+1 st    corners   dance   ½   diagonal   reel   of   4,   1s   passing   LSh   to   face 2 nd  corners 13-16 1s+2 nd    corners   dance   ½   diagonal   reel   of   4,   1s   passing   LSh   to   face 3 rd  corner positions 17-24 1s set to & 2H turn corners, finishing in 2 nd  place own sides 25-32 3s+1s+2s dance ½ diagonal R&Ls twice
At   Higham   Hall,   over   two   decades   ago,   Derek   &   Maureen   Haynes   started   a   festive   3-day   dancing   holiday   for experienced   dancers   at   New   Year. After   Derek   died, Ann   Dix   became   the   teacher   and   then   Mervyn   Short   took   on the   position,   with   Maureen   Haynes   continuing   to   provide   dedicated   support   as   assistant   tutor.   The   course remains highly successful and celebrated its 25 th  anniversary in December 2016. To   mark   this   milestone,   course   members   were   invited   to   join   a   competition   to   devise   a   dance,   which   must include   the   following   formations   in   any   form:   a   corner   formation;   a   reel;   and   Rights   &   Lefts.   Four   randomly selected   teams   drew   lots   to   determine   the   tempo   for   their   dance,   and   once   devised   they   were   demonstrated   and then danced by everyone. Celebration   at   Higham    was   the   winning   dance,   devised   by   Robert   Smith   with   help   from   Geoff   Entwistle,   Diane Rooney, Lorna Harmsworth and Ron & Shauna Currie. The recommended music is Niel Gow’s Drumlanrig Castle. All   four   dances   are   published   in   the   Higham   Hall Anniversary   Booklet,   which   includes   diagrams   by   Keith   Rose,   and is available for sale from The Sunday Class Shop , with proceeds going to Cockermouth Mountain Rescue.