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The Sunday Class
BRISTOL’S WELCOME  (R4x40)  Sq. set Gillian Jennings  1-8 All set to partner & Petronella turn (Ladies back to centre), all set & change RH  9-12 Men LH across in centre 13-28 Double Celtic reels: 13-14 Pass partner RSh 15-16 Ladies ¾ LH across while Men dance one place clockwise 17-18 Pass partner RSh 19-20 Men ¾ LH across while Ladies dance one place clockwise 21-28 Repeat 13-20 finishing with Men in centre facing partner 29-32 Men dance out through their position & behind their corner to position beside that Lady (their new partner) – Men move round clockwise, Ladies stay in place 33-40 All circle 8H round & back
Gillian Jennings is a teacher and dance deviser from Sutton Coldfield. This dance was devised in May 2010 for Bristol RSCDS who made her very welcome at their Day School. Gillian suggests Farewell to Broadford from Vallin Suite 2 by David Cunningham or any good reel. Another track which works well is The Buckinghamshire Lass from The Kangaroo Paw by Marian Anderson.