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The Sunday Class
Taught/practised on: 2014 April 27 th
THE BRISK YOUNG LAD  (J5x48)  John Drewry  Autumn Collection 84  1-12 1s+2s+4s+5s dance RSh reel of 4 on sides (3s stand) 13-16 1s+2s & 4s+5s turn RH on sides while 3s turn LH in centre to end facing "1 st  corner couples" (Lady facing 1M+2M & Man facing 4L+5L) 17-24 3s dance RH across with “1 st  corners”, passing RSh & dance LH across with "2 nd  corners" (Lady with 4M+5M & Man with 1L+2L) 25-32 3s dance out centre of own sides, cast clockwise around 3 rd  corner couple, dance in & pass partner RSh & dance out other end casting round 4 th  corner couple to 3 rd  place own sides (corner couples Adv+Ret to allow 3s to dance behind them) 33-40 All circle 10H round & back 41-48 2s+3s+4s+5s set, cast up 1 place while 1s set advancing & lead down to bottom, all turn RH For the reel of 4 in Bars 1-12, John Drewry says: "take one and a half steps to pass each shoulder in the reel and dance round the standing man or woman passing them by the left." This is difficult to put into practice, as most people don't know when they have done one and a half steps, but by counting the bars (steps) to be halfway in 6 bars, one should end in the right place at the right time!
John Drewry recommended the tune “The Brisk Young Lad” from SCD Music for Books 1-7 arranged by Annie Shand - page 16 (Kerr). That which is recorded is “There Cam’ a Young Man” (Trad.) but this could be the self-same tune.