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The Sunday Class
Taught/practised on:
2012 April 1 st
The name Baldovan in Gaelic means "deep settlement". Baldovan village was a small semi-rural community built in the 1830s as an expansion of Dundee northwards, when Baldovan estate was owned by the Ogilvie's of Inverquharity. The village became a self contained, proud community - it even had its own tram terminus - but is no longer there, having been cleared to make way for Dundee's expansion, only remembered in Baldovan Road which runs from Downfield to Strathmartine Hospital, formerly Baldovan Institution. Douglas Henderson devised at least 35 dances including 3 Baldovan dances - Reel, Jig & Strathspey (all 4 x32 bars) - and The Blue Mess Jacket. He was a member of Herefordshire RSCDS Branch in its early days and then lived in Dundee. He died in 1987.  
BALDOVAN REEL (R4x32) Douglas Henderson  Baldovan Dances 1- 8 1s dance RSh round each other & dance Crown Triangles (start with Man facing 3s & Lady facing 2s) 9-16 1s dance reel of 4 with 2 nd  corners passing RSh 17-24 1s dance reel of 4 with 1 st  corners passing RSh ending in 2 nd  place on opposite sides 25-32 1s set & cast 1 place, cross over RH & change LH on side with 4s