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The Sunday Class
Devised   in   March   2003   to   celebrate   the   10 th   Anniversary   of   the   Strathspey   Server.   The   strathspey   balance   in   line figure   across   the   top   and   bottom   of   the   set,   and   then   on   the   sides,   depicts   the   connections   among   dancers around the world through the Internet, thanks to the Strathspey Server. Chris Ronald This   dance   has   been   called   ‘The   Two   Gentleman’,   when   the   real   title   couldn’t   be   recalled,   and   maybe   this   could describe   Chris   now   that   he   has   gained   American   citizenship.   Our   English   Gentleman   has   officially   become   Our Man in New York too.
Taught/practised on: 2017 October 8 th October 22 nd
BALANCE ON-LINE  (S4x32)  3s & 4s on opposite sides Chris Ronald  12 SCDs  1- 4 1s   &   4s   turn   2H   &   remain   in   middle   as   2s   &   3s   step   down/up   into lines   across   &   all   set   1s+4s   advancing   to   pass   partner   LSh   to   face 2s/3s  5- 8 1s+2s   also   3s+4s   dance   ½   reels   of   4   across   &   1s+4s   end   ½   turning partner LH to face up/down LH to partner & RH to 2s/3s  9-16 All   Bal-in-Line   twice,   1M   &   4M   turn   left   about   &   lead   partners   (LH) out ends of set crossing & casting to 2 nd /3 rd  places  (2)(1)4 3 17-20 1s+4s   turn   2H   on   sides   &   all   set   (2s+1s   facing   down,   4s+3s   up)   with 1s+4s advancing to pass LSh on sides to face 2s/3s 21-24 All   dance   ½   reels   of   4   on   sides   &   1s+4s   end   ½   turning   LH   to   face across giving other partner LH & RH to 3s/2s  3(1)4(2) 25-32 All   Bal-in-Line   twice,   1M+4L   also   1L+4M   change   places   LH   &   then chase anticlockwise ½ way  3 1(4)(2) Notes: Balance    in    line:     This    is    an    adaptation    of    balance    in    line    for strathspey   tempo   devised   by   Milton   Levy.   It   takes   two   bars   of   music. The   steps   are   the   same   as   for   strathspey   setting.   The   hands   move   as follows:   on   bar   1,   those   with   left   hands   joined   in   the   middle   drop left   hands   and   all,   moving   to   the   right,   join   left   hands   under   right hands   then   drop   right   hands.   Those   moving   into   the   middle   of   the line   join   right   hands.   Repeat   moving   to   the   left   on   bar   2,   joining right hands under left hands.