The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2012 May 13 th December 16 th
Ö AND THE LADIES WORE RED	(R4x32)  	Amanda Peart  TSC 1    1- 8	All Men pass partner RSh and dance down the Ladiesí side and back up the Menís side  4 3 2 1   9-16	All Ladies pass the man opposite RSh and dance up the Menís side and back down the Ladiesí side  4 3 2 1  17-20	All advance & retire 21-24	4s (in top place) dance (NHJ) to the bottom  3 2 1 4  25-32	3s+2s & 1s+4s dance poussette  2 3 4 1 For Robert Senior on the occasion of his 70th birthday party.   Robertís gaze always settles on a lady in a red dress so, to help him celebrate in style, the ladies at his birthday party wore red.  This is the opening track on The Sunday Class Dance Book 1 CD by Marian Andersonís Scottish Dance Band.