The Sunday Class
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This   dance   was   devised   for   lessons   in   a   nursery   school.   It   was   first   meant   to   be   danced   in   one   big   circle   with   the woman on her partner's right and without a progression.
Taught/practised on: 2017 September 3 rd
AND FOR THE YOUNG ONES  (J4x32) Sq.set Anne Dejean (2016) RSCDS Book 51  1- 8 All join hands in a circle & Adv+Ret twice  9-16 All turn partner RH, turn partner LH 17-24 All join 2H with partner & slip step towards centre (2 bars), clap x4, slip step back, clap x4 25-28 All dance DoSiDo with partner 29-32 Ladies dance clockwise, Men anticlockwise ¼ round, passing partner & 1 more dancer RSh (i.e. Ladies on outside, Men inside)