The Sunday Class
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AIRD OF COIGACH	(J4x48)  	John Bayly  Imperial 3   1- 8	All Men dance across, pass partner RSh & cast down to the bottom of set (4th Man leading), cross the bottom of the set & up Men’s side  9-16	All circle 8H round & back (retaining the circle formation to bar 40) 17-20	1L & 1M with dancer on their left (nearer hands joined) & cross diagonally (Mens arch) both pairs turning away from each other to face in 21-24	1L & 1M take dancer on left (NHJ) & cross over (dancing Man couple make arch) both pairs turning away from each other to face in 25-32	1s continue this Fig 2 more times, end with top 2 facing each other also bottom dancers facing each other for a Snowball chain 33-40	All dance Snowball Chain for 4 couples : - 	`End couples cross RH & change places LH on side with side persons  	`Original side persons cross RH while original end couples change places RH 	`All change places LH on sides 41-48	All Ladies dance across, pass opposite Man RSh & cast up to top, cross & down on the Ladies side to end opposite partner.  2 3 4 1
Taught/practised on:
2010 May 9 th 2011 May 8 th June 5 th 2013 January 6 th
Coigach (W Ross): This is an ancient name, first recorded in 1502, and meaning “the place of fifths”. It is properly spelled Coigeach and is pronounced KOE-ee-guch, with a long ‘o’. Coig is the Gaelic for “five”. The fifths were a division of the land of a locality in ancient Gaeldom.  The Aird of Coigach is a splendid viewpoint just to the west of Stac Polly in the westerly promontory NW of Ullapool (west coast of Scotland). The whole area is called Coigach, and while Aird literally means a promontory, it can also mean a height or vantage point.