The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on:
2011 May 1 st
THE AIKEN TREE	(J4x32)  	Jean Attwood  Alexander Book 2   1-4 	1L cast to finish behind 2L whilst 1M cross whilst 4M cast up to finish behind 3M whilst 4L cross, whilst 2s step up and 3s step down, 1L cross whilst 1M cast whilst 4M cross whilst 4L cast up, finishing 2 1 4 3, 1s 4s on opposite sides, 1s facing up, 4s facing down  5-8 	2M+1L+4L+3M, 2L+1M+4M+3L half reels of 4 on the sides, finishing 3 (4) (1) 2  9-16 	Repeat bars 1-8 from new places, 3s 4s 2s 1s dancing as 1s 2s 3s 4s, respectively, finishing (1)(2)(3)(4)  17-18 	1s+2s, 3s+4s  RH across 19-20	2s+1s+4s+3s set on the sides 21-22 	1s+4s  LH across  23-24	4s+1s set on the sides 25-28 	4s cross up, 1s down into  fig. of 8 across around the end couples, finishing on own sides, 2 4 1 3 29-32 	All turn by the right  Dance Notes: 1-2 	There is a risk of collision in 1L's and 4M's places if 2s attempt to step up and 3s down at this time; also, 2L's and 3M's places are still occupied and so 1L should finish behind 2L and 4M behind 3M. Aiken means oaken, made of oak.