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Thursday 8 th  - Thursday 15 th  with Marian, Max & Issy On   the   first   night   we   like   to   have   a   short   programme,   dancing   to   CDs,   as   a   ‘Welcome   &   How   Are   You?’   though   a   few guests   may   not   have   arrived   in   time   to   eat   and   dance,   and   so   we   will   catch   up   with   them   in   the   bar   afterwards possibly.   On   the   other   5   main   dancing   nights   there   will   be   15   dances   (16   on   the   last   night),   with   a   10min   or   so   interval half way through, and we will aim to be finished by 11.00pm. Sunday will be the non-dancing night.   This   year   each   evening’s   programme   contains   one   or   two   new-to-most-of-us   dances,   which   are   significant   either   to   me and   the   Band,   or   from   a   recently   published   Book   or,   to   the   MC.   (We   have   3   ‘guest’   MCs,   reflecting   the   fact   that   in   our party   we   will   have   7   Canadians,   2 Americans,   and   a   dozen   or   more   dancers   who   will   be   staying   on   in   Portugal   for   the Iberian   Weekend.)   Hopefully   most   of   the   other   dances   will   be   familiar   to   you   all   but   we   will   offer   a   walk-through session   (at   say   4.30pm)   on   the   main   dancing   days   for   people   to   learn/brush-up   on   the   dances   for   that   day   so   that,   it   is hoped,   everyone   who   would   like   to,   will   feel   able   to   get   up   and   join   in   during   the   evening,   when   there   will   just   be   a reminder from the MC in most cases. I have produced a Word document of cribs (in MiniCrib style) which you can download here: Cribs or   if   you   prefer   other   styles   and/or   want   to   watch   videos   then   a   search   for   Evora   on   SCDDB    will   show   all the programmes for the week.     For   those   of   you   who   live   local   to   the   East   Midlands   (or   would   like   to   travel   to   join   us),   we   will   have   two   sessions   of The   Sunday   Class   when   we   will   concentrate   on   requested   dances   from   the   Evora   programmes. These   will   be   on   Sunday 18 th    February   at   Castle   Bytham   and   Sunday   4 th    March   at   Eastwell.   See   the   Venues    page   for   more   details   of   these places.
Scottish Dancing in Evora in March 2018
Evening dance programmes
For   most   of   us,   this   is   the   most   important   part   of   the   holiday   and   so   I   want to get it Right for everyone! We will be following the established pattern ...   Dancing   will   commence   each   evening   around   8.30   pm.   as   soon   as   possible after our evening meal.
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