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The Sunday Class
Page last updated 7 th July 2017
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Francis Walduck Francis    Walduck    lived    in    Queensland,   Australia,    and    in    later    life    became    an    RSCDS    teacher    and    travelled extensively   around   the   world,   dancing   as   he   went.   Sadly   he   died   in   June   2016,   a   week   short   of   his   67 th    birthday, after   a   5-month   battle   against   bowel   cancer.   Francis   devised   many,   wonderfully   flowing   dances,   often   inscribed for   friends,   which   he   published   in   6   books,   as   well   as   successfully   submitting The   Ruby   Rant   for   publication   by   the RSCDS in Book 49, and having a number of unpublished dances (including Amanda’s Birthday Dance). Queensland   RSCDS   Branch   have   reprinted   the   6   original   books   and   are   compiling   3   new   books   to   include   his unpublished dances.
From the Danube to the Liffey
The Dancing Brolga Collection of Scottish Country Dances Volumes 1, 2 & 3
The Auckland Suite
The Clan Mackenzie Collection of Scottish Country Dances
Bridge Over the Danube (J4x32) Causeway Capers (R8x32) Crossing the Globe (4-couple Medley) The Irish Washer (Sq. set Medley) The Italian Tryst (S8x32) The Northern Spring (J5x32) Your Lady Is Waiting (S6x32) The Arrogant Frog (R8x32) The Kilted Norseman (J8x40) The Pride of Paris (R8x40) The Takapuna Reel (J3x32) Gin Strawberries (R8x32) The Coast Road (S8x32) The Waiheke Ron (J8x32) North Head Strathspey (S4x32 sq. set) Gannets Galore (J8x40) The Sky City Reel (R8x40) Pack ‘n’ Run (R3x32)  plus the recipe for Gin Strawberries! Volume 1  A Birthday Smile (J8x32) A Gregarious Gambol (R8x32) Carol’s Strathspey (S3x32) The Dancing Brolga (R8x40) Jiggin’ Jan (J8x32) Judith of Yarram (S8x32) Kirkwall Court (J8x32) Lyn’s Labyrinth (S4x32 sq. set) Miss Nidra Aitken (S3x32) St Philip’s Rant (R8x32) Stella’s Reel (R5x32) “The Brays” of Brinsmead (S4x40) The Desborough Cross (R1x96 sq.set) The Rope Spinner’s Reel (R8x40) The Shiny Buckle (R8x40) The Le Brocque Strathspey (S5x32) Volume 2  A Wee Break in Cairns (J8x32) Andy’s World (J4x32 sq. set) Gray-McLennans of Maclean (S8x32) The Piper Dances (R8x32) The Elusive Partner (R8x32) The Mustard Seed (J8x40) The ‘Tree Tops’ Strathspey (S4x32) The Pibroch Reel (R8x40) Carol’s Delight (S3x32) Clan Mackenzie Reel (R8x32) Hosken Hospitality (S4x32) Island Cruising (R4x48) Cat on a Cushion (J4x48 sq.set) Mr Graham W Donald (S3x32) Noelene Petrie’s Reel (R8x32) Pope Street (J8x40) Volume 3  A Blithe Lass in Beverley (S8x32) A Ceilidh For Ken (R8x40) The Dancing Partners (J8x32) The Emma Nixon Strathspey (S8x32) The Utterson Reels (R8x32) Milton’s Chain (J3x40) Sandra Griffiths Strathspey (S3x32) The Spinnie (R8x32) Laurel Downey’s Pleasure (S8x32) Jaunty Jean’s Reel (R5x32) Let’s Try Again (R5x32) The Arita Strathspey (S8x32) The Resounding Bells (J8x32) The Rose Still Blooms (S3x32) Fifty Years & Counting (R8x32) Three Rough Diamonds (J8x32) Lesley Nicol of Auckland (J8x32) AnnTony’s Delight (R8x32) Clan MacKenzie Reel (R8x32) Cool & Crisp (R3x32) Diana’s Delight (Jnx32) Jiggin’ Jan (J8x32) Just For Trisha (J8x32)
Judith of Yarram (S8x32) Laurel Downey’s Pleasure (S8x32) Lyn’s Labyrinth (S4x32 sq. set) Olga’s Dance (R8x32) Parkheid Cross (R8x32) Pope Street (J8x40)
The Ashe’s (S3x32) The Counting House Strathspey (S4x32) The Dancing Partners (J8x32) The Deepwater Reel (R1x80 sq.set) The Sisters Three (S3x32) The Celandine Strathspey (S6/8x32)