The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2015 January 4 th January 18 th March 8 th March 22 nd
WOODLAND ASSEMBLY  (J2x64) Sq.Set  Barry Priddey  Golden Oriole  1- 8 All circle 8H round & back  9-16 1s+3s dance ½ R&L turning Ladies into centre (Ladies BtoB), set, turn partners RH into prom hold to 1s facing 2M & 3s face 4M 17-24 3s dance RSh reel of 3 across with 4M+2L (start RSh to 4M) while 1s dance reel of 3 across with 2M+4L (start RSh to 2M) 25-32 1s+3s dance ½ R&L back to original places, all set to partners & turn RH 33-40 Ladies dance Fig of 8 round partner & corner (pass behind partner to start) while Men Adv+Ret for 2 steps twice 41-48 All turn partners RH & dance DoSiDo with partners 49-56 Men cast to dance Fig of 8 round corner & partner (pass behind corners to start) as Ladies Adv+Ret twice 57-64 All turn corners RH (4 bars) & partners LH (4 bars) 65-128 Repeat with 2s+4s leading with 2s facing 3M & 4s facing 1M
Marian Anderson & her Band recorded the recommended tune - Teddy Bears’ Picnic - on the CD Dancers’ Choice 1.