The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2012 July 29 th
THE WILD GOOSE CHASE (J4x32)  John Drewry  Brodie Book  1- 8 1L followed by 1M dances Fig of 8 on Ladies side, (in front of 2L, out round 3L, in & out behind 2L) ending in centre (opposite sides) facing 4s, while 4s dance similarly on Men’s side ending facing 1s  9-16 1s+4s set facing each other while 2s join 1s as 3s join 4s to form lines across, all set & dance RH across with opposite 2 dancers 17-24 All dance full reels of 4 across dance, 1s & 4s end in centre holding RH facing opposite sides (as Wild Geese) 2s & 3s end in 1 st /4 th  places 25-32 1s+4s Balance-in-Line in centre of dance, ¾ turn partner RH, 1s & 4s lead up to top, 1s cast to 3 rd  place & 4s cast to 2 nd  place  2 4 1 3 Notes: Bar 1: 1M dances diagonally down to follow 1L and similarly 4L dances diagonally up to follow 4M Bar 8: 1s dance into centre in 1 st  place and face down (1L on 1M’s right), 4s dance into centre in 4 th  place and face up (4L on 4M’s left) Bars 9-10:* 1s & 4s NHJ set while 2s & 3s dance up/down sides to join on line* Bars 13-16: 2M+1L+3M+4L RH across on Men’s side, 2L+1M+3L+4M on Ladies side, ending in lines across again Bar 24: 1L in 2 nd  place & 4M in 3 rd  place join LH, 1M in 1 st  place & 4L in 4 th  place join RH with partner (all on centre line) Bars 9-10:* We found that this, and the following RH across, were easier if 1s & 4s NHJ set advancing while 2s & 3s turn to face down/up on sides to join in line with 1s & 4s*
Devised in 1982 for Coral Matthieson of Aberdeen. The first eight bars are “The Chase” and bars 25-28 are the “Wild Goose” part.