The Sunday Class
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VINTAGE SIMON (J5x32)  Dorothy Hargreaves  RSCDS Book 47  1- 8 1s change places RH, 1M leading cast off 2 places (on Ladies’ side to 4th place), turn RH to face 1st corners as 5s dance similarly, 5L leading up to 2nd place as 3s set, dance up middle, curve into 1st place and set  9-16 5s+1s dance ‘Corner Chain with Setting’: `5s/1s+1st corners change places RH, 1st corners turn LH whilst 5s/1s set `5s+1st corners change places RH, 5s/1s turn LH to face 2nd corners 17-24 5s+1s repeat bars 9-16, finishing turning LH to centre line, facing opposite sides   25-28 3s+5L, 5M+2s+1L, 1M+4s dance RH across 29-32 5s+1s balance-in-line, turn LH to 2nd/4th places Finish in order 3 5 2 1 4
This dance was devised by Dorothy Hargreaves of the Vancouver Branch, for Simon Scott, at the request of the Gleneagles Scottish Dance Group, West Vancouver, to celebrate his 50 years as a teacher of Scottish country dancing. Dorothy Hargreaves received the Vancouver Branch Award in 2010 in recognition of over 30 years' association with and participation in Scottish country dancing in Vancouver. Dorothy started dancing in 1976 after having seen a performance of the Gleneagles Demonstration Team on TV. She and her husband joined a beginners class in Carisbrooke in 1976 and, five years later, she had already achieved her full Teacher's Certificate.  In the period 1979-86 she taught classes for the North Vancouver, Carisbrooke, Glenayre and the Vancouver Branch. In 1987 she started a Scottish country dance group at Deep Cove where she has been ever since, teaching an advanced class on Mondays and a beginner/intermediate class on Tuesdays. She won the 1999 competition in memory of Pearl Holmberg, a Branch benefactor, with her dance 'A Legacy of Pearls'. This is published, along with another dance of hers 'The Rocky Mountain Reel' in the Vancouver Branch Ruby Anniversary Collection 1964-2004. Simon Scott devised the 5-couple dance Lady in Red.
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