The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2014 April 6 th April 27 th May 11 th June 1 st
THE TORRIDON CROSS  (J4x48) 3s & 4s on opposite sides John Brenchley  The Other Kangaroo Paw (2013)  1- 4 1s+4s cross RH & cast one place  5- 8 1s+4s LH across finishing in centre, 1s facing 2s & 4s facing 3s  9-12  1L+2M, 1M+2L, 4L+3M, 4M+3L, turn RH once round, at end of bar 12, 1s & 4s dance on one place anticlockwise to finish BtoB in centre, 1L facing 3L, 1M facing 2M, 4L facing 2L, 4M facing 3M 13-16  1s+4s dance 4 bars of ‘Hello-Goodbye’ setting, finishing BtoB in centre, 1L facing 3M, etc. 17-28  All dance double diagonal reels of 4, giving LH in centre (12 bars), finishing as started (bar 17) 29-32  1s+4s dance RSh round corner person  33-36  1s+4s dance RH across, finishing RH joined with partner, 1s facing down, 4s facing up 37-40  1s cross down between 3s & cast up to 3 rd  place on opposite sides while 4s cross up between 2s & cast down to 2 nd  place on own sides 40-44  All turn RH 45-48  All circle 8H to left ½ way, finishing 3 1(4)(2)
This dance started off as a four couple variation of Torridon Lassies but soon developed a life of its own! The instructions for this dance are published in the booklet accompanying The Other Kangaroo Paw CD by Marian Anderson’s Scottish Dance Band which is available from here.