The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on:
2011 April 10 th September 25 th November 13 th November 27 th
TARTAN RAINBOW (S3x32)  Sue Petyt  Tartan Rainbow Book  1- 4 2s set, 2s (pulling right shoulders back) cast, to finish in the middle of the set, 2M above 1 st  couple facing down, 2L below 3 rd  couple facing up  5- 8 2M dances right hands across with the 1 st  couple, whilst 2L dances right hands across with the 3 rd  couple  9-12 2 nd  couple set advancing and turn with both hands to finish back to back, 2M below 1 st  couple facing up, and 2L above 3 rd  couple facing down 13-16 2M dances left hands across with 1 st  couple, whilst 2L dances left hand across with 3 rd  couple, all finish back on the sides in original places 17-24 All three couples dance the Knot, finishing 3 2 1 25-28 2 nd  couple cross right hands and cast behind the 1 st  couple (who are in 3 rd  place), 1 st  couple step up on bars 27-28 29-32 2 nd  couple dance half a figure of eight round the 1 st  couple
This dance was devised in 1997. Sue Petyt has an excellent website with links to demonstration videos - click for this dance.