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Betty Grant has had several dances published in Canada and one in Tokyo so St. Andrews Gardens could be anywhere and may just be an address. In the UK, St. Andrews Gardens is a student residences in Liverpool; a public open space in Worcester on the site of the 12 th  century St Andrew's Church and Churchyard; and was originally the burial ground for the church of St. Andrew's Holborn, separated from the church it served by quite some distance, which closed for burials in 1850 and opened again in 1885 as a public garden.
ST. ANDREWS GARDENS (J8x32)  Betty Grant (1986)  RSCDS Book 35  1- 8 1s+2s dance the “En Rond” progression:   `1L+2L also 1M+2M change places LH on sides & set to partners `2s+1s circle 4H round to right  9-16 1s dance in slightly & cast turning left (1M round 3M, 1L round 2L), 1s dance in & curve right to face 1 st  corner, turn corners RH (end 1L between 2s & 1M between 3s) & 2s+1s+3s set in line across 17-24 1s dance in slightly & cast turning left (1M round 3L, 1L round 2M),1s dance in & curve right to face 2 nd  corners, turn corners RH to end 2 nd   place opposite sides & 2s+1s+3s set 25-32 2s+1s+3s Adv+Ret, 1s set advancing, ½ turn 2H (PdB) & retire to own sides