The Sunday Class
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David devised this dance in 2010 for a demonstration at Lark Hill Village, an ExtraCare Community in Clifton, Nottingham and dedicated it to his wife, Rhona. David recommends the music for Miss Bennett’s Jig (Robert Whitehead’s Strictly Scottish Vol. 2) but he has written his own tune, ‘Mrs. Rhona Page’, to accompany this dance.
SALUTE TO LARK HILL (J8x32) David Page  1 - 4 1s and 2s dance four hands across giving right hands  5 – 8 On bars 5 and 6, 1 st  couple cast to 2 nd  place and 2s dance up to 1 st  place: on bars 7 and 8 1 st couple set advancing to end back to back, lady facing up and man down, in the middle of the dance  9 – 12 1s dance out of the ends of the set, man down, lady up and cast to the right round partner’s 2 nd  corner whilst 2s and 3s set facing up and down the dance and change places with right hand on the sides 13 – 16 3s and 2s cross giving right hand whilst 1s continue to dance round the outside of the set into lines across, man between 3s (in 1 st place) and lady between 2s, and all set on bars 15 and 16 17 – 24  1s petronella to 2 nd  place on their own sides and all set on the sides. 1s turn 1½ times with right hand to end (3) (1) (2) 25 – 32 All dance Set & Link for three couples, twice 2 1 3 4
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