The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2012 May 27 th
ROTHESAY RANT (J4x32)  Sq.Set Anna Campbell Holden  Birmingham Branch RSCDS SCDs  1- 8 All ½ turn partners RH retain hold & give LH to next person, all set (M facing out), ½ turn next person LH, all set & Ladies turn in  9-16 1s+3s (in 2 nd  & 4 th  places) dance ½ Ladies Chain & ½ R&L 17-24 2s+4s dance ½ Ladies Chain & ½ R&L 25-32 All circle 8H round & back Dance notes: 3-8  Balance with straight arms, as in St. Andrew's cross, to form a zig-zag circle. 9-12  On the second and fourth times through, the previous 2s and 4s start the first half ladies' chain. 9-24  All very quick. Revised version: In this version, the crossing in bars 1-2 is changed to "by the left" and in 5-6 to "by the right" so that 1s and 3s are facing appropriately for bar 9.
This dance was published in a collection by Birmingham RSCDS to celebrate the RSCDS Golden Jubilee in 1973. In 1982 the dance was presented at the University of Pacific Folk Dance Camp. In a document of the Folk Dance Federation of California Dance Research Committee, appears the following, under the heading “Styling”: The body is held erect but not stiff, with chest high and arms hanging naturally at sides. Women may hold skirt with thumb and first two fingers. All dancing is on the balls of the feet with knees turned out. Partners communicate by tension in the arms and by looking at one another. During turns, hands are at shoulder level in handshake hold. When inactive, stand in place with heels together, knees and toes turned out. Keep the set compact for comfortable dancing.