The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on:
2010 May 23 rd 2017 July 16 th August 13 th 2019 March 24 th
THE RIVER NESS (R5x32) Isla Henderson (2008)  1- 8 1L+2L & 3L+4L ½ turn LH while 1M+2M & 3M+4M ½ turn RH. 1 st couple finish BtoB in the centre in 2 nd  place, facing their own sides, 3 rd  couple BtoB in the centre in 4 th  place, facing their own sides. Joining hands all dance six bars of double triangles 1 st  and 3 rd  couples finish facing their 1 st  corners  9-16 1 st  and 3 rd  couples dance corners pass and turn with 1 st   corners, pass Rsh to face 2 nd  corners, dance corners pass and turn with 2 nd  corners, and pass Rsh to finish 1L between 2 nd  couple facing 2L across the set, 1M & 3L BtoB in the centre between 4 th  couple (man facing man), and 3M between 5 th  couple facing 5M across the set 17-24 Rsh reels across the dance: 1L dances a reel of three with 2 nd  couple, 1M & 3L dance a reel of four with 4 th  couple, 3M dances a reel of three with 5 th  couple At the end of the reel of four, passing Lsh, 1M dances up, 3L dances down, to finish with 1 st  and 3 rd  couples in a line on the centre line, men facing up, women facing down 25-32 1s & 3s turn ¾ RH, cast off 1 place on opposite sides, (4 th  and 5 th  couples step up on bars 27 & 28) and turn 1½ RH to own sides to finish in the order 2 4 1 5 3
Published in the Inverness & District RSCDS Branch Diamond Anniversary Collection in 2009 with the CD by Colin Dewar.