The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2012 December 16th 2013 March 10th March 17th
A REEL FOR ALICE  (R5x32)  Roy Goldring  1- 8 1s cross down & dance reel of 3 on opposite sides  9-16 1s dance down middle & back 17-24 1L+2M changes places LH, 1L+3M RH, 1L+4M LH & 1L+ 5M RH while 1M dances similarly (other hand) with Ladies (2 bars per hand) 25-32 2s dance Fig of 8 round 3s+4s (between 3s to start) while 1s casting dance a Fig of 8 round 5s+4s & cross down to 5th place
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