The Sunday Class
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Raising   the   anchor   is   a   non-nautical   term.   To   weigh   anchor   is   the   nautical   term   which   means   to   raise   the   anchor of   a   vessel   from   the   sea   floor   (and   hoist   it   up   for   stowing).   As   soon   as   the   anchor   is   no   longer   touching   the   sea floor it is aweigh.
Taught/practised on: 2015 June 28 th 2019 June 2 nd August 4 th
RAISING THE ANCHOR  (R5x32)  Iain Boyd  Vive La Danse!  1- 8 1s   cross   down   to   dance   reels   of   3   on   opposite   sides,   1s   end   on opposite sides   9-16 5s   cross   up   to   dance   reels   of   3   on   opposite   sides   (5s   end   on   opposite sides) while  1s dance ½ Fig of 8 round 2s & turn 1½ RH to face out 17-24 1s   also   5s   dance   Figs   of   8   on   opposite   sides   (1s   dancing   out   &   down, 5s dancing in & up) 25-32 1s cast to 5 th  place as others step up on bars 27-28, 5s+1s turn 1½ RH