The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on:
2010 January 31 st 2012 December 9 th
QUARRIES' JIG (J8x32)  Kent W Smith  RSCDS Book 36  1- 8 1s set, cast 1 place & dance round 1 st  corners passing corners LSh  9-16 1s dance reels of 3 across (1 st  Man with 2s & 1 st  Lady with 3s), 1s turn LH to face 1 st  corners 17-18 Centre dancers change with 1 st  corners RH while 2 nd  corners set 19-20 1 st  corners (in centre) change places LH while new 1 st  & 2 nd  corners dance clockwise round to next corner place 21-24 Repeat the Fig in bars 17-20 from new places 25-32 Repeat 17-20 from new places, 1s end by turning LH to 2 nd  place on opposite sides, 2s+1s+3s set on sides & 1s cross back RH
Kent Smith lives in Chicago and has devised at least 39 dances, many of which he has published himself in two books. This dance was published by the RSCDS in Frae A’ The Airts, Vol.1 and the recommended tune, “Mrs Muir McKenzie’s Favourite” by Charles Sharpe, has been recorded by both Alastair Hunter and Iain MacPhail to accompany the book.