The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2015 April 26 th 2016 October 30 th 2017 August 13 th
PAT GEORGE’S STRATHSPEY  (S5x32) Sq. set (like Fisherman’s Reel) Pat Harland  TSC Dance Book 2  1- 8 5s dance RSh reel of 4 across with 2s & 4s (who take promenade hold with partner), 5s passing each other RSh to start & then pass end couple RSh, finishing passing each other LSh  9-12 5M dances behind 2s (passing 2L RSh) to between 2M & 3L, while 5L dances behind 4s (passing 4L RSh) to between 4M & 1L 13-16 2M+5M+3L & 1L+5L+4M Advance&Retire 17-18 3M+4L, also 1M+2L turn RH while 5s ½ turn RH (& twirl - optional) to 5L facing 3M+4L (NHJ), 5M facing 1M+2L (NHJ) 19-20 All set 21-24 5M dances RH across with 1M & 2L while 5L dances RH across with 3M & 4L, finishing with 5s passing RSh to … 25-26 5M, followed by partner, dances into 1 st  place while 1s, in tandem (M leading) pass 5s RSh to dance towards 4 th  place 27-32 4s repeat into 3 rd  place, 3s repeat into 2 nd  place, 2s finish in centre facing each other, 2M with back to 4 th  place Note: This dance was rewritten for publication in 2016.
Devised by Pat Harland for Pat George who reintroduced her to Scottish Dancing.