The Sunday Class
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Barry   Skelton   published   his   Dolphin   Book   in   1994,   containing   12   dances   connected   with   the   sea   or   mammals therein, and incorporating alternating tandem reels - henceforth often referred to as ‘dolphin reels’.
Taught/practised on: 2016 February 14 th
AN OCEAN FROLIC  (R4x32)  Sq.set Barry Skelton  Dolphin Book  1- 8 All 4 Men dance RH across, all 4 Ladies dance RH across  9-24 All dance Alternating Tandem Schiehallion reels: `Man with Lady close behind, dance to next Lady’s place to right `Both loop R singly to face in, in Man’s place, Lady in front `Repeat 4 bars with Lady leading `Repeat 4 bars with Man leading `Repeat 4 bars with Lady to finish in partner’s place, facing clockwise 25-32 All chase clockwise 1 place (Ladies leading) & set, 1s+3s cross RH then 2s+4s cross RH  2 3 4 1