The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2014 January 19 th
NURSE EDITH CAVELL Medley – 2 x (R32+S32) George Shepherd Reel time:  1- 4 All 4 couples chase clockwise 2 places (Men now at top, Ladies at foot of set) 2M 1M 1L 2L 3M 4M 4L 3L  5- 8 All turn opposite person RH  9-16 All Men & all Ladies dance R&Ls (top & bottom of set) 17-24 Men dance double figure of eight (top men start by crossing down, others cast) whilst Ladies dance Ladies Chain (1L+3L cross RH to start) 24-32 Men Adv&Ret twice (8 bars), clap aggressively when face to face, whilst Ladies stand still and watch Strathspey time:  1- 4 Men dance RH across whilst Ladies dance LH across  5- 8 Men then join Ladies by taking nearer hand with partner (as in Miss Alison Rose)  9-16 Unwind: `1s dance up to top, cross, cast to 4 th  place `2s dance up to top, cross, cast to 3 rd  place `3s dance up, Man passes partner in front, to 1 st  place `4s continue LH turn to 2 nd  place All now on own sides: 3 4 2 1 17-24 All set twice, turn 2H 25-32 Grand Chain (start with ends crossing)
2014 sees the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, resulting in appalling causalities on both sides. Edith Cavell was a nurse who served on the front line and gave succour to all wounded soldiers regardless of nationality. She was arrested, tried with 33 others by a German military court, found guilty of ‘assisting men to the enemy’ and shot by a German firing squad on October 12 1915. This medley starts (reel time) by depicting the aggression by men in the build up to and during the war, failure to talk peace  and the pointless manoeuvres, while the strathspey section represents the wounded, the loving care by nurses, eventual reunion with loved ones and ultimately being helped back into society. It is repeated once more because we never seem to learn.