The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2014 January 19 th
NORMA'S FANCY (J3x32) Mike Briggs  1- 4  1s, cross down RH into 2 nd  place (2s step up) & cast around 3s (3s step up)  5- 8 1s dance ½ fig. of 8 up through 3s  9-16  All dance reels of 3 on the sides, all crossing down from the top in turn 17-28  All dance 3-couple R&Ls 29-30  All cross RH 31-32  All set A six-couple variation: A 32-bar jig for 6 couples in a set consisting of two subsets, one comprising 1s+2s+3s and the other comprising 4s+5s+6s on opposite sides.  In each subset, the end couples (1s & 6s) begin the dance, which then proceeds exactly as in the 3-couple version until bar 31, when 31-32 2s+3s, 4s+5s set, while 1s+6s dance ½ RH across Thus, in the next repetition, 6s become 3s (in top ‘set’) and 1s become 4s (in bottom ‘set’).  Repeat the dance 2 more times (when all will have changed subsets) or 5 more times (when all will be back in original places).
Devised for Mike’s wife, Norma.