The Sunday Class
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NOAH'S ARK 2 (J8x32)  2C Irene van Maarseveen  RSCDS Book 43  1- 8 1s dance ½ Fig of 8 round 2s (1s cross down to start), 1s+2s turn other partner on sides (1s dancing between 2s)  9-16 2s dance ½ Fig of 8 round 1s (2s dance up behind 1s to start), 1s+2s turn on sides (1s dancing between 2s) 17-24 1s+2s set facing diagonally in, dance RH across ½ way (to 2 1 on own sides), 2M+1L set & ¾ turn LH into diag line facing partners 25-32 2s+1s dance diagonal reel of 4 & on last 2 bars 2M & 1L dance onto own side facing partner (1s in 2 nd  place) while partners loop round
2011 July 3 rd
This dance was devised by Irene van Maarseveen, of Pretoria, South Africa in 2002. She also devised Joie de Vivre published in RSCDS Book 39. The recommended tune is “Dr. James Hamilton's Reel” by Robert Mackintosh. Noah's Ark is a two couple dance, and the title also relates to the duplication of forenames of the dancers in Pretoria Branch.
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