The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2013 October 13 th
THE NAME’S BOND or THE THIRD MAN (S4x32) Amanda Peart Music: Nicol McLaren’s ‘Alison Rose’  1– 8 1s cross RH, cast off 1 place, meet & lead down between 3s (2s step up), lead back up to face 1 st  corners whilst 3M casts off, dances across the bottom of the set, up behind 4L+3L and into set through 2L’s place to end in centre behind 1L  9–12 1s facing own 1 st  corners, 3M behind 1L, 1s (using small steps so plenty of time to look at each position as you pass!) dance Gypsy turn around each other to face 2 nd  corners (3M place is empty) whilst 3M dances RSh around 1M position to behind 1L again 13-16 1s dance another Gypsy turn to face out of own sides in 2 nd  place whilst 3M dances out through his own place and casts to bottom of set 17-24 1M casts up around 2M & 1L casts around 3L to meet partner in prom. hold to dance LSh around 2L and into centre (own sides) whilst 3M+4s dance 3H round to right leading into a chase (anticlockwise in 3 rd  & 4 th  positions) with 3M leading, 3L joining in behind him, then 4M+4L (taking promenade hold as they move) following, to finish with 4s in 3 rd  place in the centre (own sides) and 3s in 4 th  place opposite sides 25-32 1s+4s dance 1½ RH across and cross RH to finish 2 4 1(3)
This dance was devised after an exchange of very silly e-mails about secret agents and espionage. The movement in bars 9-16 could be called ‘The Espionage’ ..... The idea is that 1 st  Man is James Bond or some other secret agent and, helped by his lady friend (partner), he is looking for ‘The Third Man’. At no point should 1 st  Man have clear sight of 3 rd  Man. At the end of 32 bars 3M is in 4 th  place and has changed sides (isn't that what these secret agents do in films?). 1 st  couple are now in 3 rd  place so our erstwhile James Bond becomes The Third Man (who, of course, ends up changing sides!). On the final turn, the original 3 rd  couple will be in top place (and still on opposite sides) so the last 'James Bond' is actually female  - this is the 21 st  century after all! When the dance ends, all 4 couples are on opposite sides. It fits the music which Nicol McLaren recorded for Alison Rose which includes the Pink Panther theme tune.