The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2013 September 1 st
THE MENTOR (S96) Sq.Set Brian Charlton (October 2007)  RSCDS Book 47 PART 1  1- 8 Men dance 1¼ RH across (4 bars), dance out & cast right, behind opposite Lady, dance in, right about, to face her  9-16 All dance double reel of 4, not giving hands in centre, finishing with Men facing in 17-20 Men circle 4H round to right, pull LSh back to face Lady as bar 8  21-24 All set, change places RH, finishing with Ladies facing in 25-28 Ladies dance ¾ LH across whilst Men dance on one place clockwise, all turn new partner ¾ RH  29-32 Repeat bars 25-28, finishing all facing in, Ladies on left of new partner, facing original partner across set PART 2  1-32 Repeat PART 1 with Ladies leading, to finish opposite original places, Ladies on right of and facing original partners 33-40 All Adv+Ret, 1s+2L+4M also 3s+2M+4L circle 4H round to left to end in line across (1s & 3s in centre of line) 41-48 All Adv+Ret, circle 8H round ½ way to end in Sq.Set opposite to original places PART 3  1- 8 All set, turn ¾ RH into promenade hold, promenade ½ way clockwise to original places   9-16 1s+3s ½ Set&Rotate, circle 4H ½ way to left, NHJ dance out to original places 17-24 2s+4s repeat bars 9-16  25-32 All circle 8H round and back
This dance was written to honour Margaret Sim, a mentor to dancers and teachers in Sydney Branch, on the occasion of her being presented with a RSCDS Branch Award on 8 th  December 2007. Margaret was subsequently awarded a Society Scroll of Honour in 2012.