The Sunday Class
Taught/practised on: 2015 September 6th September 27th October 4th
MACDONALD OF KEPPOCH  M-((S2x32)+(R2x32)) Sq. set Chris Ronald  RSCDS Book 49  1- 6 1s+3s dance 6 bars of R&Ls (Men dance polite turn) to finish in centre B-to-B with partner facing sides (1L-2L, 1M-4M, 3L-4L, 3M-2M)  7- 8 All set  9-16 All dance reels of 4 across, finishing with 1s+3s up/down in centre, Ladies facing each other with partners behind them 17-24 1s+3s dance reel of 4, Ladies pass RSh to begin and therefore all pass LSh at ends, finishing in original places facing partner 25-26 All set 27-30 All turn partner 1¼ RH into promenade hold facing anti-clockwise 31-32 All promenade one place anti-clockwise Repeat in strathspey time and then twice in reel time
The title of the dance refers to the clan of which the Ronald family is a sept. The MacDonalds of Keppoch are descended from Alistair Carrach Macdonald who was a younger son of Good John of Islay, Lord of the Isles, 6th chief of Clan Donald and his second wife Margaret Stewart, daughter of King Robert II of Scotland. Septs of Clan MacDonald of Keppoch include the following: Alexander, Sanderson, MacGillivantic, MacGilp, Macglasrich, MacKillop, MacPhilip, Philipson, Ronald, Ronaldson. The family of MacRanald - a very ancient, rare name - now mainly spelled McReynolds, was also a branch of the Keppoch’s. The MacDonalds of Keppoch were without a chief for over 150 years until the 13th September 2006 when Ranald Alasdair MacDonald was acknowledged as the lawful chief by the Lyon Court, following a 30 year fight for the right to use the ancient title of Mac Mhic Raonuill.
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