The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on:
2010 July 11 th
LIQUID ASSETS (J8x32)  John Drewry  Stoneywood Collection 2  1- 8 1s dance reflection reels of 3 on opposite sides 1s end in centre at top facing down  9-16 1s turn 2s 1½ times with nearer hands, 1s turn 3s 1½ times with other hand 17-24 1s cross up to dance reels of 3 on own side 1s end in centre 3 rd  place 25-32 1s turn 3s 1½ times with nearer hands, 1s dance up to top & cast to 2 nd  places
George Meikle has composed a tune (of the same name) for this dance. John Drewry comes from a farming family in Leicestershire, though he himself is a biochemist whose work took him to Cumbria (where he first encountered Scottish country dancing as part of a local walking group) and subsequently (1965) to Aberdeen University. His first dance, devised on a walking holiday in Mull, shortly after he took up Scottish dancing, was A Trip to Tobermory, which soon became popular. Drewry was recommended by another dance deviser, Hugh Foss, to teach at an early overseas Scottish dancing holiday in Majorca, at which he wrote The Faraway Isle. As well as dancing his interests include photography, house plants, cooking (especially noted for his carrot cake!), and classical music which he finds time for in between publishing 45 books comprising 785 dances. Stoneywood is an area of Aberdeen, his adopted city, off the A96 and near the airport.