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LADY PEAK'S STRATHSPEY (S8x32) John Drewry  Greenburn Book 2  1- 8 1s+2s set, 2s cast up while 1s dance down, 1s dance out behind 3s & lead up to 2 nd  place facing up  9-16 1s (prom hold) dance ½ diag reel of 3 with 2 nd  corners (RSh to 2L), 1s pivot inward to face out Ladies side & dance ½ reel with 1 st  corners (RSh to 3L) 17-24 Pivoting inwards repeat with next corner (RSh to 3M place) & repeat with 4 th  corner (RSh to 2M place) 25-32 2s+3s set & cross RH twice while 1s lead down below 3s, cross & cast up round 3s, lead up between 2s, cross & cast to 2 nd  place
Lady Peak’s Strathspey is a John Drewry dance, published as a leaflet, and originating from a teaching visit to Canada. the following is from John’s notes to the dance: “Lady Peak is a mountain on the east side of the Fraser River in British Columbia. It is slightly higher than Mount Cheam (2107m) but when viewed from the Fraser Valley, it is partially hidden by Mount Cheam.” According to the Canadian Mountain Encyclopedia: “From the Chilliwack area, according to Fraser River Indian culture, Lady Peak looks like the head of a dog. The dog is the companion of the Old Woman, Cheam.”