The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2012 September 2 nd
LACING O’ THE GHILLIES (R5x40) James Williams (September 2008)  1- 8 5s, giving right hands, cross over, cast up to the top of the set, and, giving right hands, cross over to own sides  5-12 4s, giving right hands, cross up between 3s, cast up around 2s, giving right hands again cross up between 1s, and cast up around 5s to finish in 1 st  position on their own sides  (The rest of set step down as they are passed)  9-16 3s repeat (note start 4 bars after 4s)  13-20 2s repeat (note start 4 bars after 3s)  17-24 1s repeat (note start 4 bars after 2s)  (All finish in original places) 25-32 1s dance Fig of 8 round 2s 33-40 1s lead down to the bottom of the set, below 5s, and turn RH (birl for all couples optional)  2 3 4 5 1 Notes: 5 th  couple do not dance the ‘lacing’ movement Each couple starts 4 bars after the previous one, having stepped down 2 bars earlier
James says: Look at the lacing of a dance shoe.  Lots of crossing involved.  It seemed to call for a repeated pattern.  This is a dance where timing is all important, to give the couples moving up the set space to move into, and to avoid the set bunching at the top of the room.  Note the overlapping by 4 bars of the crossing up from the bottom figure; which starts on bar 5.  Note also that the rest of the set must keep stepping down - every two bars - as the dancing couples cross up.