The Sunday Class
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2011 June 5 th
Taught/practised on:
The Scotia Suite of 7 dances was compiled to commemorate the centenary of the safe return of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition in their ship the “Scotia”, under the leadership of Dr William Speirs Bruce. “Scotia” returned to her first Scottish landing site, on the Isle of Cumbrae, on the 21 st  of July 1904 at the end of the two year expedition.
THE ICE CAP (S96) Sq.Set Roy Goldring  Scotia Book  1- 8 1s+3s cross RH while 2s & 4s ½ turn partners RH, all chase 1 place clockwise (ladies leading), 2s+4s cross RH as 1s & 3s ½ turn partner RH, all chase back to places (men leading)  9-16 Ladies dance RH across ½ way, dance out through opposite Ladies place, cast clockwise 1 place (1L will be in 4L’s place, etc.) & repeat (1L ends in 3L’s place, etc.) 17-24 Repeat bars 1-8, with ‘new’ partner, but using LH & dancing anticlockwise 25-32 Men  dance  LH  across  ½  way,  dance  out  through  opposite  Mans’ place, cast anti-clockwise 1 place & repeat to meet partner 33-40 1s & 3s ¾ turn partner RH (to turn the ladies into the middle of the reel) & dance reel of 4 ending with Men BtoB facing partner 41-48 1s+3s set advancing, taking prom hold dance round each other by LSh to end in opposite places 49-64 2s+4s repeat 65-72 1s+3s dance RH across, turning right about dance out between 2s/4s (Men lead) & cast to original places 73-80 2s+4s repeat, dancing out between the couple on their left 81-88 All dance Grand Chain BUT no hands 89-96 All turn partners 1¼ times RH, set & turn RH to Ladies in centre for bow/curtsey