The Sunday Class
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Terry Glasspool (Upstate NY, USA) has written several dances for few dancers - very useful when there is only a small class! A question was raised on the Strathspey Server about the name of the movement ‘Gypsy Pousette’ to which Terry’s reply was: I agree with you that the name Gypsy Pousette is not good for teaching. I've always taught it as box setting followed by a dance around and turn. I was originally going to call the whole eight bars an Individual Pousette. The term Gypsy Pousette crept in (and stuck) after the dance was named. As was discussed last week, I agree with you that the term gypsy means little to SCDers, other than in the name of the dance and figure .......... I do think the name Individual Pousette is appropriate though. The setting is almost identical to the footwork in the diamond pousette, done individually rather than in couples, and the other part of both figures is basically two-hand turns. My figure is also a figure of progression where individuals rather than couples change places.
2011 July 3 rd
Taught/practised on:
GYPSY DREAMS (S8x32)  2C Terry Glasspool  1- 8 1s cross RH & ½ turn 2s LH on sides, 2s+1s chase anticlockwise 1 place & ¾ turn partners LH into centre to a line of 4 across (Ladies BtoB facing partners)  9-16 All dance Gypsy Pousette : - Box setting:  9  All set to the right turning ¼ turn to right 10  All set to the left (facing away from partner) & ¼ turn to right 11  All set to the right (facing partner, Men pass BtoB) & ¼ turn to right 12  All set to the left (facing away from partner & passing BtoB) & no turn, partners now facing away from each other (but not lined up back to back) Gypsy turn: 13-14  All cast to right & dance back ½ way to the opposite place 15-16  All ¾ turn partners 2H into a line across (as start of Gypsy Poussette but having changed places with partner). 17-24 1s+2s dance reel of 4 across ending in prom hold, 2s facing down & 1s facing up (Men with partner on their right) 25-32 1s+2s wheel round anticlockwise ¼ way to dance the Tournee : - `1s+2s dance into prom hold (Men with partner on right, 1s face M's side & 2s L's side), couples ½ wheel anticlockwise & Men turn Ladies into middle, both couples turn 1½ times (2s RH, 1s LH) & dance out to places