The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on:
THE FLOOZIE IN THE JACUZZI (R2x48)  Sq.Set Gill Jennings  Birmingham Diamond Jubilee Book  1- 8 All set & ¾ turn RH, Men chase clockwise ½ way while Ladies dance LH across once round to face new partner  9-16 All set & ½ turn new partner RH, Ladies chase clockwise ½ way while Men dance LH across once round to face own partner 17-24 All dance ½ Schiehallion reel (Ladies leading & partner follows) to end in original places 25-32 All set (facing in) & set facing next couple (1s face 2s & 3s face 4s), all dance ½ R&L with next couple 33-40 All set (facing in) & set facing other couple (1s face 4s & 3s face 2s), all dance ½ R&L with other couple 41-48 All circle 8H round & back Repeat back to original places Notes: Bar 27: Face on ‘1st corners diagonal’ & bar 35 on ‘2nd corners diagonal’.  
2010 October 10 th
Standing in Victoria Square, Birmingham, is Mistry’s fountain, a large sculptural piece consisting of four sets of works named River, Guardians, Youth and Object (Variations), representing youth and eternity. River is affectionately nicknamed as ‘The Floozie in the Jacuzzi’. It is a bronze statue of a woman, 2.8 metres (9ft) tall, 2.5m (8ft) wide and 4m (13ft) long. The surrounding pool is paved with Wattscliff sandstone. It is also the nickname for a bronze statue in Dublin, called Anna Livia after a character in James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake. A personification of the River Liffey which runs through the city, the river is represented as a young woman sitting on a slope with water flowing past and over her.