The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2019 September 8 th September 29 th
FIONA FAIR  (R6x32) 2C Barry Skelton  Kiwi Book  1- 8 1s lead down & back to top in centre, 2s stepping in behind  9-14 6 bars of 2-couple Allemande 15-16 Petronella turn onto midline 17-20 2 bars of Reel of 4 & Balance-in-Line 21-28 Repeat 17-20 twice 29-32 2 bars of Reel of 4 & dance out to own sides  2 1
Fiona   is   a   feminine   given   name   which   arose   in   Ireland,   and   later   in   Scotland   (through   the   poetry   of   James Macpherson)   but   has   also   become   popular   in   England.   It   can   be   considered   either   a   Latinised   form   of   the   Gaelic word   fionn,   meaning   "white",   "fair",   or   an Anglicisation   of   the   Irish   name   Fíona   (derived   from   an   element   meaning "vine").The Scottish Gaelic feminine name Fionnghal (and variants) is sometimes equated with Fiona. Fiona   is   a   hippopotamus   born   at   the   Cincinnati   Zoo   and   Botanical   Garden   in   Cincinnati,   Ohio,   on   January   24, 2017.   The   first   Nile   hippo   imaged   on   ultrasound   pre-natally   and   the   first   born   at   the   zoo   in   75   years,   she   was born   prematurely   and   cared   for   with   the   assistance   of   the   Cincinnati   Children's   Hospital.   Zoo   staff   named   the baby   hippo   Fiona   because   her   ears   made   them   think   of   a   Shrek   heroine,   and   also   because   it   means   "fair".   See    for   more   details,   including   stories   of   her   popularity   such as:   “Fiona   has   been   used   to   "predict"   the   result   of   the   Superbowl   each   year   since   her   birth,   by   choosing   between enrichment   items   with   the   two   teams'   emblems.   She   chose   the   winning   team   in   2018,   chose   wrong   in   2019,   and in 2020 vomited on the item representing the Kansas City Chiefs.”