The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on:
2011 May 1 st
FIFE NESS (R8x32)  Mary Shoolbraid Brandon  4 SCDs 1978  1- 8 1s ½ turn RH into prom hold & dance down, cross LH & cast up behind 3s on own sides to 2 nd  place  9-16 1L & 2M+3M set advancing to form triangle, 1L & 2M+3M retire as 1M & 2L+3L set advancing to form triangle, repeat 4 bars 17-24 1s in prom hold dance ½ LSh reel of 3 with 2L+3L (in centre of set), 2L & 3L pick up each others partner & complete reel 25-32 1s (prom hold) continue with ½ reel of 3 with 2M+3M (Men leave Ladies on Men’s side in 1 st  & 3 rd  place) all end opposite side 2 1 3, all set & cross RH
This dance was devised in 1972 and danced to McGibbon’s reel “The East Nook of Fife” (18 th C). Fife Ness is a headland (ness is an archaic Norse word meaning "nose"), forming the most eastern point in Fife. It is situated in the area of Fife known as the East Neuk, famous for the picturesque fishing villages  - Crail, Anstruther and Pittenweem, and forms the muzzle of the dog-like outline of the latter when viewed on a map. Mary Shoolbraid Brandon now lives in Honolulu and published a book of dances called “Memories of Fife” which also contains Balgeddie Reel.