The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2014 June 1 st 2015 April 26 th 2016 October 30 th
FESTIVAL DREAM  (S1x64) Louise Keegan (1991)  1- 4 1s+3s dance RH across while 2s+4s chase ½-way clockwise, Man leading, to opposite places   5- 8 2s+4s dance RH across while 1s+3s chase ½-way clockwise, Man leading, to opposite places    9-10 All turn corner RH 11-12 All turn partner LH, 3s & 1s open out to sidelines in longwise set, 3L,2M,2L,1M on Men’s side, 3M,4L,4M,1L on Ladies’ side 13-16 2s+4s (middle couples) dance ½ Ladies’ Chain, finishing facing partner on sides, all in order (3)2(4)1 17-22 All dance to meet partner & cast off from the top to bottom and dance up the centre, 3s+4s crossing without hands at the bottom, to finish in order 3 2 4 1 23-24 All turn partner 2H and remain in centre for … 25-28 3s+2s & 4s+1s dance ½ poussette  2 3 1 4 29-32 3s+1s dance ½ poussette  2 1 3 4 33-34 2s+3s (1 st  & 3 rd  places) cross RH  (2)1(3)4 35-36 All track to return to original places in square set: 2s dance down Ladies’ side 1s dance up Men’s side and across top 3s dance down Ladies’ side and across bottom 4s dance up Men’s side 37-40 All, dancing towards partner, take nearer hands, advance to centre, cast away from partner, join nearer hands with corner, dance out on diagonal, cast away from corner to face partner  41-48 All dance Grand Chain, at end briefly touch nearer hand with partner to face out 49-52 All, casting away from partner, take nearer hands with corner, advance to centre (on diagonal), cast away from corner, join nearer hands with partner, dance out to sides 53-56 All turn partner 2H twice   57-64 All circle 8H round and back
This dance started out as a nightmare, when Louise was organising the White Rose Festival! She dedicated the dance to her husband, Iain.