The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2016 April 17 th
FALLS OF FEUGH  (R3x32) Andrew Watt  9 For 90 RSCDS Aberdeen  1- 8 1s set, cast off (4 bars) & set advancing to face 1 st  corners   9-16 1s   dance   RSh   round   1 st    corner   positions   as    1 st    corners   dance   ½   Turn   & Twirl   (RH),   &   repeat   with   2 nd    corners,   finishing   pulling   RSh   back   to Double Triangles position 17-24 3s+1s+2s   dance   Double   Triangles   to   finish   1M   between   3s   (at   top) facing Ladies’ side, 1L between 2s facing Men’s side 25-32 All   dance   ½   RSh   reels   of   3   across,   1s   turn   1½   RH   to   2 nd    place   own sides
The   River   Feugh   joins   the   River   Dee   at   Banchory,   where   the   falls   are   a   local   landmark,   here   shown   with   salmon leaping, captured by an in situ webcam from Farson Digitals.